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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Temporary Authority?

A. Consumer Access must show that you are authorized to represent NEXA in (Insert state W/ TA) before you start originating.
Lenders look at consumers for your loans so you want to make sure this is in place.
Here is a link for you to access:
TA gives you 120 days to originate and take care of your licensing items. The word “eligible” must be removed from your license status before TA is activated and you can originate.
If you do not complete your licensing items your license will go pending deficient at the end of the 120 days and you will have to stop all origination until the license is fully approved.

Q. Commercial/DSCR Information

A. Commercial/DSCR

Q. How do I know if my state has a distance requirement?

A. A distance requirement state means you have to be connected to a (State) licensed location within (mileage) miles of your home address before we can sponsor the distance requirement state. Here is a link to the distance requirement information if you would like more information:

Q. What states is AXEN approved in?

A. AXEN Mortgage

Q. How long will it take for my license to transfer?

A. Nexa Mortgage

Q. What are the fees to license a branch?

A. Licensing Fees

Q. What are the fees for applying for a new MLO license?

A. Licensing Fees

Q. What are the fees to have my licenses sponsored?

A. There is a $40 admin fee for each state that is sponsored in addition to the fees NMLS may charge for us to sponsor your license. These fees will be covered up front by NEXA but applied to your ledger.

Q. What States Require an MLO Surety Bond?

A. MI and PR – NEXA does not cover these for the LOs. The Insurance Team or Surety Companies can assist you with this.

Q. How do I transfer my license to a new company in NMLS?

A. Make sure you are on the STATE side of NMLS. Sponsorship / Change of Employment:

Our Corporate address is:
3100 W Ray RD STE 201
Office # 209
Chandler, AZ 85226
Our NMLS # is: 1660690

Q. How do I update my employment history in NMLS?

A. Here are the steps to updating your employment history within your NMLS:
Go to filing (Located at the bar at the top of the screen)
Request new or edit (Depending on what is showing for you at the time)
Go to employment history (Located on the left-hand side of the screen)
Here you can add new addresses and update previous ones, always save.
Once that is done please make sure you attest and submit the filing so the changes are saved

Q. How do I upload a document in my NMLS?

A. Here are the steps you can follow to upload documents to your document uploads in your MU4.
Go to filing (Located at the bar at the top of the screen)
Request new or edit (Depending on what is showing for you at the time)
Document uploads will be on the left hand side towards the bottom of the list
You will select add, and then select the section that the docs need to be uploaded in and then upload the file.
Once these are all uploaded you will need to select “attest and submit” so the docs are saved and uploaded

Q. How do I apply for a new MLO license in NMLS?

A. Here are steps to apply for a new license within NMLS:
Log into NMLS
Make sure you are on the state side of NMLS, not federal (This is on the left hand side)
Go to filing
Select Individual
Select request new or edit depending on what is available
Once in the filing, it is the first section that pops up, hit add
Select the state you are wanting to add
Select the appropriate type of license
Once the state and license is selected you will then need to make sure all information through the filing is correct.
CR (credit report) has to be done
BC (background check) has to be done
Attest and submit
Once license is paid and submitted NEXA can sponsor

Q. Are there discount links for 2022 CE?

A. Learn Mortgage

Q. How to add a new lender with NEXA?

A. Please have the Lender AE email Dan Fouts,, and Taylor Bradley,, a copy of their broker package for review.

Q. Can I complete a DSCR loan in a state I am not licensed?

A. All information provided to us regarding DSCR loans can be found here (insert link), this is currently the only reference we have and cannot advise beyond the information listed. If more clarity is needed we recommend seeking legal counsel.

Q. What is the NMLS Resource Center?

A. Access to all state checklists – Information on what is required for license to be approved as well as fees:

Q. Does NMLS accept AMEX Cards?

A. No, NMLS does not accept AMEX Cards.

Q. Will NEXA reimburse my license costs?

A. No, Individual license costs are the responsibilities of the Loan Officer and must be paid directly to NMLS by the LO.